tell your story with film

it’s fast becoming a critical component of how businesses communicate and engage with their customers.

What was once a luxury tool is now an essential one for any business. It is flooding today's media outlets and websites. Print and words can only go so far when you want to grow your consumer base/audience.

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Our in-house videographers are committed to delivering high quality responsive
storytelling and branded videos that you could use across your website and various social channels.

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When a person discovers your business for the first time, it's crucial to make a positive initial impression. The first impression of your audience can significantly influence their perception of your business. In addition to website design, incorporating high-quality videography and photography can also enhance the overall impression of your business. These visual elements can effectively showcase your products, services, and brand personality, leaving a lasting impression on your potential customers.

Types of Videos We Produce At Aiims

Types of Videos We Produce
At Aiims

Company Profile

1. Company Profile

Showcase your Business like never before. With a Company Profile Video, we’ll tell Your story, show your services, Your brand, Your values, Your products and Your mission. A Company Profile gives you the chance to introduce your brand to potential customers or partners. It establishes credibility and expertise through a visuals, audio and special effects

 Promo/ Hype

2. Promo / Hype

Designed to Grasp engagement or excitement a Hype Video is the perfect tool to get everyone talking about your new product, an upcoming event or service. Its fast paced, Dynamic, to create a sense of ergency to motivate your viewer to take action.

Social Media

3. Social Media

Short form Video Content designed to be impactful and shareable, Typically between 15-60 seconds. We’ll use all the latest trends, music, filters and special effects to push your message to a wider audience and promote your brand in its best light

YouTube Ads

4. YouTube Ads

A powerful tool for a business looking to reach a large and engaged audience, tell your story, generate interest in your product or brand. The audience is massive, its cost effective and the results are highly measurable


5. TVC

TVC’s are excellent way to tell the story or your brand at the highest level. Tell the story of your brand the way you want it to be. Produced for high engagement and to be memorial TVC’s are huge productions that focus on creating emotional connections with the viewer that leave a long lasting impression about your brand or service.


6. Testimonials

One Testimonial is worth more than 1000 instgram photos. It builds trust and shows credibility to potential clients. It’s real people and real expereinces. We showcase you humaizing your business, showing you care about your customers.Testimonials are highly effect way to build awareness about your brand.


7. Projects

Designed to showcase a product or project from beginning to end, we’ll show the ins and outs of how you completed this project so your potential clients grasp in full how you get the job done in the most professional means.

How to’s

8. How to’s

An instructional video designed to show the viewer how to use your product or service. Highly informational, Step by step instructions with effective visuals and audio to keep the viewer engaged. we’ll provide a clear and concise guide to your product or service the most entertaining way.

Product Demos

9. Product Demos

Visually showcase the Features, Benefits and Functionalities of your product in the most engaging way.These videos help your customer make informed purpchases, Knowledge is power and we’ll use all the tools in our arsenal to educate your customer in making the right choice in choosing your product

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our process

our process

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