How Two Brothers Generated 310% More Revenue in 14 months!

Over the last 14 months, we’ve consistently delivered quality results. Over 310% growth in total revenue, 333% increase in booked jobs and 1069% increase in total calls November 2019 vs. November 2020. And that’s just the beginning.

Two brothers from Sydney decided to start a pest control business. Still, they faced a common struggle that most small businesses suffer from, to generate and convert enough leads to keep the business alive.

Our Approach 
We hit the ground running with creating a high converting landing page, and hyper-targeted ads campaign targeted to pest control in their service locations. Since Sydney Pest Crew started with AiiMS in Nov 2019, their business growth has been exponential.

Campaign Results 
The Sydney Pest Crew Brothers were delighted by the results they were able to achieve within a short period! Ten months into their campaign, they decided to elevate their strategy and online presence by building a full custom website that translated into their brand, mission and values. You can visit their website here.

“The success we have with our clients work only when the advice given is deployed correctly and the communication channel is open and honest. Shady from Sydney Pest Crew is an excellent example of this; our upfront and honest ideas have allowed us to optimise the online marketing strategies to gain amazing growth. We will not stop in offering new ideas to improve and grow his business constantly.” – Gurkan, Client Experience Manager at AiiMS

Having powerful online assets including a landing page, custom website, paid search campaign, an organic social media following along with a robust Google My Business profile with positive reviews that reflected nothing but their fantastic service. They can now tackle the digital jungle and gear themselves up with enough tools to navigate it further and get to the top of the food chain.

Ending 2020 on a high note, they converted 100 jobs in Nov/Dec. Their work ethic and drive for success along with a winning formula was the best recipe to achieve what they have so far. Here’s to a bigger and greater things Sydney Pest Crew Bros! 

“I have used AiiMS for the last two years for two of my companies, and they have been nothing but professional and responsive in all my requests and work overtime to attend to the needs of my business. They have helped expand my businesses greatly, and we couldn’t be any more grateful for the work they have done for us during this time! Thank you AiiMS!” – Shady, Sydney Pest Crew




Watch Shady’s interview about Sydney Pest Crew’s growth with AiiMS… 

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