Tools you need when Marketing for Leads


For a trade or service based business, the primary objective when investing into digital marketing, especially Google Ads or SEO, is LEAD GENERATION.


The goal is to drive qualified visitors to your website or landing page, engage and convert these visitors into an enquiry, and more specifically, a Phone Call.

A common misconception is that marketing makes a business successful, however marketing is simply just a driver. You and your business makes it successful. So many times we’ve seen and experienced amazing marketing channels and campaigns, perform out this world. Generating high volumes of leads, and very low costs per lead, however the business is unable to convert these leads into new customers, ROI and overall help drive the growth of the business.

As in any business, there are so many components, factors and moving parts that make one successful. In Sales and Marketing, being major functions in a business, even more so. Communication is key in both marketing and sales, but if you can only communicate your value through marketing, but fail to do so in sales, than your marketing initiatives are wasted.

We can get you all the phone leads you can handle, but if you aren’t converting them into customers, then this is simply not a sustainable initiative for your business. Tools, systems and processes all play a huge role in supporting your marketing initiatives and help your sales conversion rates.



1. Booking Agent

Who answers the phone and what happens when the phone rings? The person who answers the phone is the first impression and the customers’ first experience dealing with your business, and the link between missing an opportunity or booking a job.

2. Quoting Process

How you talk price and how you deliver you quote is super important. Don’t wing it and throw a figure. Know your worth, build value and quote accordingly.

3. Sales Process & Communication

People  buy from people. How are you communicating your value and how you communicate the solutions to your customers problems? Nail this and I guarantee you’ll convert more leads

4. Leads Management

How are you managing leads, pipeline and quotes? Having a lead management tool or software is integral in streamlining your business, improving your efficiency as well as increasing your management or leads, quotes and jobs.

5. Follow-Up Process

You’ve done the hard work and paid for it. You’ve got the click, you’ve got the lead, you’ve quoted on the job… Now is not the time to “drop the mic” and walk away. Following up on quotes is not pushy, it’s professional and expected. Follow up on all leads and all quotes!

 6. Branding

Trust, Quality, Credibility all plays a massive role in winning the job. Unify your brand from website, to uniform, signage, print material on-site etc.



Here at AiiMS, we’ll build you the vehicle, but you need to drive it! Don’t rely on digital marketing to make you money. Combine marketing with sales, systems and processes! Win More Leads, Win More Customers, Grow Your Business!

Spend money on advertising for new customers, not just leads!


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