Sales: Winning Jobs during a Crisis

With the current pandemic and crisis we’re all dealing with, it’s having a huge impact to small business and the way we operate.

Right now, every small business is in survival mode and making changes to the way they conduct business. Implementing new tactics and strategies in their marketing, sales process, service delivery etc.

For those business’ in the trade and service vertical, having a strong process in both sales and marketing is vital right now. Conversion Rate is everything, not just your marketing conversion rates, but more importantly, your Sales Conversion Rates. Booking leads and winning jobs ensures the doors stay open and your business not only survives, but thrives during this crisis!


5 Tips to Converting Leads into Customers during the COVID19 Crisis

1. Communication
2. Focus on Customer Service
3. Offer Incentives
4. Be Flexible with Payments.
5. Speed to Action and Availability


An ineffective sales and marketing strategy right now can be detrimental to your business’ survival rate

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