Phone / Conversion / Google Tracking

If You Can’t Measure It You Can’t Manage It

Tracking is the crucial to the success of your digital marketing plan short and long term

Tracking is the crucial to the success of your digital marketing plan short and long term.

Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you cant measure something, you cant understand it. If you cant understand it, you cant control it. If you cant control it, you cant improve it!

Types of Digital Tracking


Measure your marketing by tracking every phone call and its source on a digital level and even offline.
Applicable for any business!


Measure every conversion point on your website.


“Get a deeper understanding of your customers. Google Analytics gives you the free tools you need to analyse data for your business in one place.” – Google™


Let us bring all your reports into 1. With over 1400+ connectors our aggregator will give you a centralised marketing analytics.

8 REASONS WHY you need to track your Digital Marketing with AiiMS

  1. one

    Allows AiiMS product specialists the ability to optimise your campaigns based on what works and what doesn’t.

  2. two

    Allows YOU to make commercial decisions by removing guess work.

    1. A
      Pour more money into the service that makes you more money
    2. B
      Target the region you are having most success with
    3. C
      Target the time of the day you are generating the best results from
    4. D
  3. three

    Benchmarks your results to ensure AiiMS is striving to improve your results consistently.

  4. four

    Allows you the platform to monitor the quality of handling of leads by your staff.

  5. five

    Provides insight into what marketing platforms are providing you with the best revenue.

  6. six

    Stores the data of every lead that enters your business.

    1. A
      Potential remarketing programs like BULK SMS or EMAIL MARKETING
  7. seven

    Helps diagnose any arising issues more accurately.

  8. eight

    Allows you to hold the appropriate person accountable for their performance.

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