Reporting Analysis

  1. Select the Right Agency
  2. Devise a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy
  3. Set Up All Your Tracking Tools
  4. Gather All Your Data
  5. Make the Right Decisions Allow AiiMS to support you with calculated strategies

It’s not as easy as it seems

When all the data is presented to you making the right decisions is not as easy as it seems.

But how you use your data is you’re the most crucial component to your marketing strategy! Many agencies believe providing data to clients is the last part of their job. WE BEG TO CORRECT!

When you combine our digital marketing experience with our deep understanding about how small businesses and industries operate, you have the ability to make more informed and better decisions.

Avoid mistreatment

There are usually a large number of factors that need to be considered before making a decision.

Taking the wrong medicine for your illness can sometimes cause greater damage. This is extremely similar in the digital world. Most agencies will tell you that the data is everything you need to make commercial decisions.

Here at AiiMS we understand that there is a story behind the data.

Misdiagnosis is Mistreatment

What AiiMS Will Provide You With Our Analysis:

  • What all the data actually means?
  • The steps that were conducted to achieve the results
  • The steps that need to be implemented to improve the results

Our Agency Breaks Up The Next Course of Action Into 3 Categories

Minor Optimise


All minor optimises are conducted to all our campaigns as they do not require client approvals. They usually entail changes/ edits to the campaigns that do not affect the strategic direction and structure of the campaigns.

Major Optimise


A major optimise consists of structural campaign changes that slightly veer off the strategic direction that has been discussed with our client.


The changes that are implemented have been assessed to ensure that there is no dramatic effects that could hurt your business.

Critical Optimise


This course of action is a complete strategy overhaul. Drastic measures call for drastic changes.


This is usually the case for market down-turns, business condition changes etc.

What we need from YOU!

Feedback gives us the story behind the data. Our clients feedback is vital to the success of the campaign. However it is extremely important that the feedback is always verified as true.

We encourage an open dialogue with our clients as we believe every bit of information is useful at some stage of the journey.

Why is this all important?

When we present a road map, a plan, we can guarantee you that as part of our proven methodology as an agency our entire team is on the same page to get you to your destination.

“We can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust our sails to always reach our destination”

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