AiiMS Exclusive Reporting Aggregator

Let us bring you all your reports into 1 platform

With over 1400+ connectors our aggregator will give you a centralised marketing analytics. Analyse the performance of your marketing. Improve your team’s responsiveness by identifying issues and capitalising on opportunities for optimisation.

  • On-demand Dashboards
  • 1400+ Channel Integrations
  • Configurable Custom Dashboards
  • Centralised Marketing Analytics
Marketing analytics visibility across your company
Analytics dashboard to enable swift decisions from proactive insights
Google AdWords
Keep a close eye on
Google Ads Performance with the
new custom Google Ads Dashboard
Google Analytics
Track the Most Essential
Google Analytics Metrics
with AiiMS Aggregator
Show your clients how your
YouTube marketing strategy is
boosting brand recognition

Popular Connectors Plug all the below into one platform

All your digital marketing campaigns under one roof

AiiMS Reporting Aggregator offers the most data points and native marketing integrations period. The result is a single place for all your marketing data to live. No more logging into dozens of separate reporting tools for an overview or an update.

Enhance your ability to make the right decisions, diagnose correctly!

AiiMS Reporting Aggregator comes loaded with both pre-built analytical visualisations and with a library of widgets you can setup to answer the business questions you regularly face – or that come up on the fly.

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