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AiiMS provides the most sophisticated call attribution and call intelligence solution to help grow your business by optimising and driving revenue from your inbound phone leads.

Now is the time to TAME your inbound leads!
Now is the time to TAME your inbound leads!

Why You Should Use AiiMS Phone Tracking Product

Fully tailored tracking

Unlike all the phone tracking suppliers in Australia, AiiMS phone tracking software has been tailored to revolutionise the small business market.

Though the past 10 years of hardcore digital marketing experience, we have been able to provide a tracking product with a heavy focus on Business Intelligence Features.

Immediate impact on your business

Managing a growing business can be extremely stressful. More often than not, growing comes with many pain points and making sure you are tracking multiple areas of your
business becomes one of the reasons you begin to have sleepless nights.

Our Phone Tracking Product will have an immediate impact on your business and sales.

Screenshots of some report dashboards

Some of the Unique Features Our Product Will Give You Are:

  • Access to the AiiMS Phone Tracking Portal

    Unlimited Access

    As many people as needed can have access for Real Time Reporting.


    Both mobile or desktop friendly.

  • Multi-Channel call Attribution

    Lead Conversion

    Discover the true path to phone lead conversion.

    Attribute and understand the many touchpoints your customers have engaged with across different media channels and devices before they call. Finally have a holistic view of your multi-channel marketing performance.

  • Call Recording & Monitoring


    Getting a phone lead is hard enough in today’s digital age. Making sure your team is answering the calls accurately and efficiently is the key to turning the lead into revenue.

    Automatically score the lead based on specific rules and requirements.

  • Advanced Integrations

    Seamless Integration

    Seamlessly integrate your data into your existing CRM, bid management, automation and marketing analytics tools.

    With out of the box integrations into Google Analytics and Google AdWords, start measuring phone lead conversions with your digital campaign performance.

  • Missed Lead Alerts

    Instant Notifications

    Around 56 percent of people will go to your competitor if they don’t receive a response within 30 minutes. Instantly receive alerts when a call is missed, does not convert or is not handled correctly. Capture important details about the missed opportunity and keep the lead alive.

    Our Alerts are sent to correlating branch & administrator via email or SMS.

  • Keyword & Visitor Analytics

    Target Exact Keywords

    Detailed behavioural analytics on customers who pick up the phone and call your business.

    Attribute the exact keywords that triggered the customers search behaviour as well as the source, medium, campaign, landing and
    conversion pages plus more.

  • Full SMS Gateway

    Seamless Integration

    Send bulk text direct through the AiiMS portal to all new clients with in a 3 step process. Or upload your own list and track the results from your SMS campaign.

    This feature will increase your sales in your first blast.


    Much, much more.

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