Localised SEO

The local market is becoming a hot market

More and more users are looking for their local trade or service. Ensuring your business is being displayed on the front page for local keywords is becoming more important than ever.

Local SEO is more often than not overlooked when designing your SEO strategy. It is astounding that many agencies encourage the avoidance of local SEO.

Local SEO can produce many short-term gains. Why should you pay attention?

5 Reasons Why Localised SEO is critical to your Digital marketing Strategy

5 Reasons Why Localised SEO is critical to your Digital marketing Strategy

  • The Local Landscape

    • A96 percent of Desktop Owners are performing localised searches
    • B46 percent of ALL Google Searches have become localised searches
    • C64 percent of Local Customers use search engines & directories as their main way to find local businesses
    • D50 percent of Local Mobile Searchers look for business information (address or number)
    • E78 percent of Local Mobile Searches result in an offline purchase
  • Local Search Marketing is Highly Targeted


    The number one reason for a user conducting a local search is to find a business. This is then followed closely by a user trying to find a product or service.

  • Local Search has the Highest Conversion Rates Compared to All Other Local Advertising Channels


    Being displayed to a user searching for a highly targeted keyword will result in a higher conversion rate. You no longer require huge volume of traffic to generate the leads/sales you’re looking for. Having a relationship with the local market is one that many businesses devalue.

  • Mobile Internet is Growing


    Mobile has officially taken over desktop or PC searches. Over 52% of searches are conducted via mobile devices. According to “Think with Google” 67% prefer businesses whose apps or mobile sites target their location.

  • Local SEO Results in a Great Return on Investment


    Costs associated with local SEO strategies always come in at a lower rate due to the work involved