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Define Link Building

Acquiring links from external websites back to your own website.
Link Building has become one of the most important factors to an AiiMS SEO Campaign. This is the reason why we have had so much long-term success with our loyal clients.

The Digital Jungle

This digital jungle will throw you around and take you through different paths to try to discover the “secret” to SEO.
Let AiiMS guide you through one of the most important factors in a high level SEO strategy.

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What is Link Building & its importance in SEO

Whether you are just getting into link building or know about it to some extent, this guide will help you sharpen your skills and provide you with some valuable tips. SEO is constantly changing and evolving and high-quality links are more important than ever in terms of being a ranking factor. Understanding and implementing a high-quality link building campaign is now one of the primary fundamentals if you want to succeed in the fierce online competition.

AiiMS is welcoming you to this guide in which we will break down link building and its importance to give you a better understanding of the concept.

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What makes Link Building so important for SEO

As the name implies, link building is simply the process of creating links from one website to another on the Internet. From an SEO perspective, link building relies on establishing inbound links from other domains that point to your page or site. The general idea is to create a web of links that allow users to easily find and navigate your content.

When it comes to its importance, first, we need to understand the very basics of link building what it is composed of.

  • Web Link Tag


    Also called an anchor tag,
    it is an opening for the link and informs the search engines of something that will be following.

  • Link Referral Location


    The characteristic of a hyperlink is the web address or URL to which the link refers. This URL is defined in the “href” attribute. It does not necessarily have to be a website; the link can also refer to a file or a document that also requires a unique destination address. The local links will have a “#” in the beginning which means they will just take you a different part of your website.

  • Anchor of the Link


    The anchor of the link designates the text of the link visible to the user and the search engine. This clickable text part is the support for the hyperlink. The anchor must prompt for a click (its content must arouse the interest of users) and contain descriptive words related to the landing page.

  • Closing of the Link Tag


    It tells the search engines that the link is now complete.

What is the meaning of links for search engines?

There are two main things the search engines use links for:

Discovering new web pages
Determining the ranking of a page in the results

The Google Robots

An engine like Google is powered by thousands of robots that run continuously on thousands of computers around the world. These robots go through the pages a bit like you would yourself.

Whenever a page contains a link to another page, the robot, once it’s finished reading, jumps to the linked page and continues its work. At the time of writing this article, Google had “discovered” and stored more than 8 billion pages.

The second wheel of this mechanism is represented by the indexes. Google’s computers are constantly processing the content of the pages found to generate indexes (a bit like a library) that will allow it to find almost instantaneously the result of a query among these 8 billion pages.

Page Rank

Google started to dominate the search engine market by starting to use linking as a ranking factor back in the 1990s.

It was Larry Page who came up with PageRank that Google used to determine the quality of a page based on the links directed to it.

After a great success, this metric became one of the important parts of the overall ranking algorithm.

The Logic Behind This

The logic behind the importance of links is simple: a page wouldn’t get other websites linking to it if it wasn’t worthy.

It is same as a basketball player being talked about a lot

if the player wasn’t good, there wouldn’t be many people talking about him

Soon after, SEO experts realised there were ways of manipulating PageRank. Google wasn’t too far behind and started rolling out continuous updates which prevented the manipulations and disregarded the pages that weren’t supposed to rank in the first place.

Google has also decided that certain methods of link building were getting abused such as submitting your website to web directories to get links in return and decreased the value of such links.

Today, Google has the necessary tools to analyse the quality of these links and can even negatively impact and penalise your site if it considers that your links are fictitious or of poor quality.

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