The 10 Year Journey Our Story

Our past has given us the strength & wisdom
we have today. Here, at AiiMS we celebrate it!

AiiMs was founded by a group of 5 elite performers in the digital space in 2010. Their entrepreneurial skills alongside their technical knowledge of the digital industry has allowed AiiMS to be one of the most recognised brands in Digital Marketing in Australia and New Zealand.

The gap in the digital space for an agency to develop and guide SMEs in Australia through this digital jungle was huge. The founders set out to help SMEs better understand the digital platforms and tailor it to them. This market has taken a beating over the past 10 years and many of the cowboys have drifted off into the background.

Unfortunately, SMEs have suffered tremendously in being able to have the access to the knowledge that agencies like AiiMS holds.

We know “everything happens for a reason” but sometimes we wish we knew what the reason was. Sometimes we use our past to benchmark the future. We encourage you to look into us further.

Our story is a unique one which provides our clients with a context and understanding of how real our philosophy is.

Evolution is at the Pinnacle of AiiMS Philosophy

The leadership team at AiiMS have been part of the fabric of marketing and small business operation in Australia.

The story begins in 1981 (funnily enough in Parramatta, where we currently reside) with the establishment of a marketing agency that was purely focused on one of the only forms of marketing, PRINTING. Albassit Marketing was established in early 1981 with the aim of promoting SMEs in Sydney. AiiMs intimate understanding of the Australian climate for the past 35+ years will show through our unique way we go about business.

Why is this important?
Good decisions come from experience

Consumers have always been lured in by marketing initiatives as basic as they may have been. Understanding WHAT the “eye-balls” are looking for is KEY. Where and how consumers have searched are the only things that has changed.

Good decisions come from experience
Discover your uniqueness
Welcome to the jungle

The Evolution of Marketing

The Past

  • Posters
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Billboards
  • Catalogs
1975 ... 1980 1985 1990 1993

And in the last 27 years has penetrated almost every digital channel

  • Mobile websites
  • Facebook mobile
  • Twitter
  • Mobile apps
  • Online articles
  • Pop-ups
  • Mobile SMS | PPC
  • Banner ads | Email
  • Blogs
1994 - Present - The future

The entire leadership group have been a part of the digital age for a minimum of 15 years.

We have seen almost every type of:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Business operation
  • Business model
  • Obstacles
  • Digital success
  • Business failures

The AiiMS Brains Trust have created a stable and sustainable foundation for SMEs in Australia and New Zealand to start their digital journey without too much of the usual heartache that typically comes with it.

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AiiMS has been built around:

  • One of the Leading Business Mentors in APAC
  • One of the Leading Relationship Managers in APAC
  • One of the Leading Product Visionaries in Australia
  • One of the Leading Search Engine Optimisation Wizards in Australia
  • One of the Leading Systems Implementors in Australia

All of which have worked in some of the leading brands in their spaces in Australia. This sets the perfect backdrop to one of Australia’s Leading digital agency.

In the space of 8 years AiiMS has grown from a 40sq2 office to a 3 Storey building in Australia’s 3rd largest business districts as well as taking this ideology across the pacific to New Zealand.

AiiMS currently employs over 50 staff across multiple countries and manages over 3,000 clients across the world.

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