How to Become Online Ready

If you believe growing online is easy, Think Again

of Businesses in Australia are small businesses
of Businesses in Australia employ 0-4 staff members
of Businesses employ more than 4 staff members
of Small Businesses do NOT survive after 4 years of trade

The Digital Jungle Marketplace

The digital jungle marketplace is a very complex and diverse in its audience. Being prepared for this marketplace is extremely important. Here at AiiMS we believe preparing our clients for this digital world is the first step to ensuring quicker success.

This digital jungle has taken many casualties over the past 10 years with no remorse. From the outside this world is presented in a very attractive manner. A quick 10-minute website costing less than $200 and BAM you can enter to play.

Many businesses have learnt the hard and expensive way that you can be misguided through the frequently travelled road of disaster by many cowboys in our industry.

AiiMS Marketing Specialists

Initially presented as a mesmerising world of flexibility, controlled, targeted and scalable advertising medium, you quickly realise you still need a very trusted tour guide to get you through this jungle.

Our Client Experience Managers and Product Specialists have a deep understanding and experience about what your journey will be like. Our aim is to ensure you and your business is prepared and understands the risks associated and the blueprint in avoiding being a casualty.

We focus of aligning your expectations as accurately as possible.

Without data you're just another person with an opinion

Through our data and client experiences we will ensure we begin the discussions almost all agencies want to avoid. One thing we can promise you is the raw truth about how it all works and what you need to make it work.

  1. Your Website

    Is your website good enough to perform on the digital stage?

  2. Business Market

    Is your business marketable when put against your competition?

  3. Your Leads

    What types of leads will you receive?

  4. Estimated Cost

    How much is the estimated lead cost?

  5. How to Operate

    How you will need to operate to keep up with what your competition is doing?

  6. Your Sales

    Is your sales approach strong enough to capture clients?

  7. Business Scale

    Is your business able to scale?

    Business Needs

    What does your business require to be able to scale?

  8. Invest Online

    Where you should invest your money online and offline?

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