Small Business Advice Hotline

Small Business Advice Hotline

Over the last 10 years we’ve built a wealth of knowledge and experience and worked with thousands of small business. Both our clients and ourselves have had a truck load of success, but our fair share of failures as well.

In every business we’ve been involved in, we’ve faced many challenges. Its all about adapting to change and coming up with new strategies to overcome these challenges.This current corona virus crisis we’re facing is having some major impacts on all small businesses and the way we all operate. Its clearly a crisis that not many ever experienced.


The one thing we can say is that its definitely not time to lose focus on the goals you set out to achieve in your business in 2020 and beyond. As an organisation that’s heavily relied upon by a lot of small businesses, here at AiiMS we have spoken to more business owners than ever just in the last 30 days, not just to our clients but the small business community in general.


The most positive things that have come out of this is learning just how supportive and understanding we all are as Australians. We’re all in the same boat, on the same page, and essentially we’re facing the same challenges together.



We’ve decided to double down on this support and introduce our new and completely free service called the Small Business Advice Hotline.

AiiMS is a lot more than just a digital marketing agency. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of business, not just in our industry, but in many business and industries.Whether you need advice, guidance or just a answer to a question to help you manage your business through this crisis, we’re here to help.From operations and process, to sales and marketing, our expert team are available to answer your questions and offer advice on any topic in business.

If you need a hand, we’d love to help!

For more info on the Small Business Advice Hotline  | Click HERE or call 1300 840 03

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