Sales & Marketing: The Perfect Relationship

When marketing meets sales, it’s a perfect relationship. Don’t be fooled by thinking that selling is not an essential element or factor within your business.

If you’re a trade or your service-based business, the skill of sales or the sales process is one of the most critical factors within your organisation, particularly when you’re on the journey towards growth.

No matter what era we live in, people will continue to buy from people. It doesn’t matter how good you are at your trade or the quality of your service/product. If you’re unable to communicate this value, skill set and capability of your trade/service, it’s useless!

How do you do this?… Well, you can communicate this through marketing and secondly, through sales!

“Most trade businesses that I work with and that I’ve started their journeys with, they’ve always confessed that sales are probably an area that they’ve neglected in their business. They’ve relied on marketing or relied on their skill set or other areas in their business to elevate themselves to the next level.”

If you’re unable to communicate your skill, then you’re not going to get in front of customers to commercialise that skill. So, you simply cannot rely on marketing to help drive the growth of your business. It’s a key player, and it’s going to get a customer to the door. But if you can’t commercialise it, you can’t turn marketing into a profitable exercise through sales then it’s useless.
I’ll help you build the vehicle but… you’ve got to drive it!



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