Partnership Announcement – AiiMS & PROTRADE United

Partnership Announcement – AiiMS & PROTRADE United

It comes with great delight to announce that AiiMS has officially partnered with PROTRADE United.

For over 10 years now, AiiMS has been particularly focussed and dominant in digital marketing and growth for small businesses within the Trades & Construction vertical.  As we’ve seen and experienced, we completely understand and preach that a Tradie cannot be successful purely from a good marketing strategy. There is so much more to success in a trade business and so many factors that need to be managed.

Our mission at AiiMS is to assist in the sustainable and profitable growth of our clients. Education, coaching, knowledge and implementation are all keys towards being able to achieve this.  To increase the value and guidance we already offer our clients, AiiMS have signed an official partnership with PROTRADE United, being Australia’s #1 Business Coaching & Advisory organisation for Trades & Construction businesses.

“This partnership will see our clients benefit and win in all areas of their business” – Matt Walker, Co-Founder of AiiMS

PROTRADE United provides trade and construction business owners with the tools, resources, information and connections to create consistency of results and long-term stability in their business. PROTRADE United believe your business is a vehicle. A vehicle to help you achieve more of what matters most to you. This could be to become financially independent, spend more quality time with your family, travel the world, or leave a legacy.

How PROTRADE United help Tradies:

  • Maximise profit centres within the business
  • Craft and Implement a Business Game Plan that gets results
  • Implementation, not just information
  • Become financially well organised to master your money
  • Step off the tools and become a true business owner
  • Grow your leadership team

What AiiMS’ Partnership with PROTRADE United means for you:

  •  Additional support, guidance and mentoring
  • Access to content, videos and educational programs for tradies
  • Live educational workshops and webinars
  • Practical advice and tailored business coaching
  • Ability to work and connect with like-minded business

“Through the recent success of AiiMS’ live workshops, events and educational content for our Tradie clients, the introduction of PROTRADE United to our clients is a strong illustration of our intention to properly support our clients and small businesses in Australia! It is clear that there is a real thirst and a demand for more education, more knowledge and more control for business owners”. – Matt Walker, Co-Founder of AiiMS

“In aligning with AiiMS, PROTRADE United is looking to provide further opportunities for trades and construction business owners to access the best digital marketing guidance and support. AiiMS is recognised as the country’s leading Digital Marketing provider in Australia, with a specific focus on assisting Trades & Construction SME’s. They have extensive knowledge in how to get the very best digital outcomes for clients and view transparent communication during projects as a high priority. Digital marketing is a critical business aspect in today’s world, we are excited to work with a company that meets the demands of this rapidly changing online environment”. – Jason Loft, Managing Director of PROTRADE United

With the current crisis and major adversity that small businesses are currently facing with COVID-19, support and guidance for business owners right now is extremely important, so we believe our partnership with PROTRADE has come at a great time for AiiMS’ network.


Providing immediate value and impact to your business from this partnership

PROTRADE United are hosting a Business Success Webinar, completely FREE to all AiiMS Clients and Network.

Hosted by PROTRADE United CEO, Jon Mailer, the topic of this Live 1 Hour Webinar is: “HOW TO THRIVE, NOT JUST SURVIVE IN UNCERTAIN TIMES” discussing how to manage yourself, your business and your life through tough and uncertain times.


Business Success Webinar

Thursday 2nd April 2020 6:30pm – 7:30pm AEST


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