Exceeding expectations through SEO in the Hardware Industry

Exceeding expectations through SEO in the Hardware Industry

Lock & Roll is a part of the Alchin Long Group which is the parent company of leading global hardware brands including Doric, Cowdry & Azuma. With offices, branches and distribution networks across the globe. AiiMS created a pathway to tackle the digital world and set out to rapidly expand the fleet across Australia.


The Problem


Lock & Roll services Sydney across the window and door industry. They’ve always looked for new opportunities in the marketplace, they’ve tried it all in terms of marketing they’ve gone into local papers, magazines, trade shows, franchise expos and advertorial. Their biggest challenge was not being able to tangibly see how their campaign was performing. Their previous attempts were a shot in the dark and needed a more strategic approach.


Our Approach


Our strategy was to increase brand awareness and website traffic through organic and paid search campaigns by strengthening existing SEO strategy and building a targeted Paid Search Campaign through Google and Bing ads.

First stop, build a custom website that featured:

  • High-end development and functionality
  • Consideration of user experience and target market through high-end UI/UX Design
  • Brand strengthening design
  • Device responsiveness to all devices including all phones, tablets and desktop
  • Lead generating features and call to actions to create a site that actually converts!
  • SEO compatibility
  • Custom and fresh copy and content
  • Custom Code (NOT a template)
  • Strong site architecture
  • Custom photography & video throughout

Second, was to set up and establish SEO along with Google Ad Campaigns that allow us to achieve:

  • An increase in volume of leads whilst decreasing ad spend and cost per lead with Gooogle Ads
  • An increase in relevant organic traffic through SEO to 1000 impressions /month

Visit their website lockandroll.com.au



Campaign Results

Lock & Roll’s journey with AiiMS in the last 18 months has been tremendous in regards to growth and especially ORGANIC growth. Their growth through our online strategies and implementation of social platforms has resulted in a strong foundation. This all came about as the client’s trust for online marketing grew through careful monitoring of their website and campaigns.

We’ve set up tracking tools to monitor the performance of every strategy that we implement – from Phone Tracking to Email Conversion being pinpointed to the exact customer’s profile and their search term. This allows Lock & Roll to continuously grow as they know what results to forecast for every month as they increase their investment in online marketing.

“Working with Lock & Roll has been a great experience for me. Dom the General Manager who has over 15+ years of experience in his industry and trialled many marketing strategies – Online and Offline such as Newspapers, Magazines, Email Marketing, Online Articles, Facebook, Google, etc. His knowledge and experience from learning from all these different marketing ventures opened up discussions on What Lock & Roll required to build an effective website and marketing strategy that can be tracked to pinpoint the funnels of success. This relationship has also educated me on a lot of the difficulties and limitations faced by even a well-established business in their industry. There is always room for improvement and growth!” Ravi, Client Experience Manager at AiiMS



“I’m wrapped with current engagement with AiiMS, to grow as close as we have, it’s like a family you know you have your ups and downs but you know at the end of the day there’s a common goal and objective. From my point of view, having someone like AiiMS that cares about our business and responds to our needs and listens to what we’re planning for the future of our company as well as the need at hand to accelerate our growth, development & progress, that’s what makes the partnership work. That said make sure the partner you engage with is somebody that has your interests at heart.” – Dom Galluccio, General Manager at Lock & Roll


Watch Dom’s interview about Lock & Roll’s growth with AiiMS… 



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