How a small business 3x revenue and became a market leader in just 12 months!

How a small business 3x revenue and became a market leader in just 12 months!

Mark & Julie, owners of Techmark noticed a gap in the market for support and electrical installation service for automated blinds awnings, shutters & curtains. As you can already probably see, their business is incredibly niche. Their business was in great need of a REAL and EFFECTIVE marketing strategy and realised word of mouth could only go so far. They needed to get in front of the RIGHT customer that brought in high-quality leads that brought in revenue for the business.

About 12 months ago Mark reached out to AiiMS for some help in that department. Prior to joining AiiMS they restructured their business and downsized staff and were unable to generate a regular stream of work other than word of mouth. They mainly had a problem with getting in front of inducers, their goal was to change the focus of the company and target end-users directly.

Campaign Results


After a successful business strategy session between Rhys, Mark & Julie and a year later…incredible results were achieved.  AiiMS first needed a high converting landing page which you can check out here. Our designers dove straight into the design and birthed a custom design and brand that spoke volumes about their business. 


Visit live landing page here and see below diagram illustrating the critical elements that make an AiiMS Landing page different from any other:

“Having a client that is open to change and adapting their habits to introduce their business in a new market they have never tested before makes the entire process a lot easier. Techmark trusted us from day one. They took our advice and committed themselves to the strategy we created. Their success speaks for itself.”


– Rhys, Client Experience Manager at AiiMS


The second step was to take out that megaphone and make some noise in the market. We designed a hyper-targeted campaign with a controlled and strategic ad spend. In just the first week of going live, they managed to land a huge lead which pretty much set the tone for the entire year. Techmark has never been busier and haven’t been able to slow down since.

Due to the success of their campaign, they wanted to take it a step further and expand their digital profile by building a custom website that resonated more with their message and brand. 


“Our growth in the last 12 months has been phenomenal, we’ve now taken on another employee and we’re busy all the time”


Mark, Founder of Techmark.  

Visit techmark.com.au


Watch Mark & Julie’s coffee chat about their growth with AiiMS… 



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