Conducting Business During COVID19 CRISIS @ Survival Talk – Matt Walker

We are clearly in global crisis right now, impacting public health as well as the economy

During this global crisis, we understand that life has changed for everyone For the small businesses in Australia it is a crucial time to adapt to these changes and implement necessary measurements in the way you operate. It is very difficult navigating through a fearful climate with so many of your customers not proceeding with quotes and jobs.

Top 5 tips and strategies to implement right now to not only #survive, but to #thrive:

  1. Knowledge and Certification
  2. Education & Training
  3. Communication & Trust Building
  4. Proof of Practice
  5. Increase Value & Service

Right now, the value of a new or existing customer has never been higher! It’s not time to panic, but it’s definitely time to adapt to change!

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