A Year in Review – 2019 at AiiMS

2019 has been a MASSIVE year at AiiMS!

We’ve significantly grown in all areas and we’ve achieved some amazing milestones…

  • We launched our new brand and website
  • We’ve increased the value we offer to our clients
  • We’ve improved our systems, process and infrastructure as an operation
  • We’ve build strong new relationships
  • We’ve renewed and strengthen existing relationships
  • We’ve formed new and grown valuable partnerships
  • We’ve expanded our team and have our people
  • We’ve won awards and been recognised for excellence
  • We’ve introduced succeeded with our business workshops to the market
  • We’ve successfully expanded internationally…. Lookout Asia!

But the most exciting part is that we’re just getting started Welcome to the Digital Jungle!

Evolution is at the pinnacle of aiims philosophy

Success is only one step away

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