AiiMS Group Reaches New Heights and Crosses Oceans

The Australian Institute of Internet Marketing Services (AiiMS Group) is taking online marketing to the next level, bringing genuine results driven online marketing solutions and great customer service to businesses all around Australia… and now New Zealand.

February 2014 – AiiMS Group is a new approach Internet marketing service provider bringing increased sales conversions to thousands of customers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

AiiMS Group gives customers access to a high level of Internet services, tools and products including:

  • i-Ads – a 100% results focused PPC (Pay per click) managed service across the Google AdwordsYahooand Bing search and display networks.
  • i-Web – a quick and easy website building solution to get businesses online with conversion driven websites.
  • i-Seo – a low cost search engine optimisation solution through ethical link building and on site practices.
  • i-Social – strategic social media marketing across Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin social networks.

After three years of delivering high-level online services to businesses all around Australia, AiiMS Group has extended its customer base to New Zealand by acquiring Yodel NZ in August 2013, which will be officially renamed to iAds NZ as of 1st March, 2014.

AiiMS Group spokesperson, Fahd Mercy said:

“We are excited to have our New Zealand customers on board! We look forward to delivering our infamous customer service and unique in house products to better your online Internet advertising results.”

Forward thinking and great customer service have seen AiiMS Group take a seat amongst the top search engine marketers in Australia. With rave reviews as a key Google Partner, AiiMS Group was recognised for off-the-chart customer satisfaction and innovation when they implemented advanced call tracking, anti-click fraud technologies and the Self Evolving Conversion Tracker (SECT) in 2013.

Our Australian customers have experienced great success through our smart, evolving and unique in-house products and we’ve now rolled these out to all our New Zealand customers to help them increase their return on investment.

However, innovation never sleeps. AiiMS Group is set to roll out even more highly advanced software developed exclusively for their customers in both Australia and New Zealand.

With a team of over 20 highly trained and experienced staff, AiiMS Group is a certified Google and Yahoo search partner. The culture in their colourful head office is warm, fun and humble, a stand-out compared to the dry corporate structures of the past. It’s evident that the managing body and team are a group of professionals who genuinely love what they do.

A happy confident team works hand-in-hand with happy customers. Our staff genuinely care about the success of each and every company we work with. Your company’s success is our success and that’s the vision we work to every day.

Visit AiiMS for more information.

What can we look forward to in 2014:

  1. Yodel NZ will be officially rebranded to iAds NZ as of 1st March, 2014
  2. AiiMS Group revealed their new brand strategy and website in January, 2014
  3. Throughout the year, AiiMS Group will be rolling out their one-of-a-kind Sale Source Tracker, giving you greater insight into the profitability of your advertising campaign.
  4. Currently in research and development is an advanced client portal, which will give both Australian and New Zealand customers more control and transparency.

Online marketing tips for businesses across Australia and New Zealand

To help you get your mind around the complexities of the online world, AiiMS Group has put together the following tips to help your business make money online:

  1. Most users searching for a service or product will search online! If your business is not online at the moment, you could be missing out on leads and sales, which your online competitors may be snapping up. All you need to start is a user friendly, conversion driven website.
  2. Every business at one point or another has experienced that leads by referral are the most likely to become a sale because they’re based on trust and experience with your brand. For this reason and countless others, online sales driven by social media are on the rise. Set yourself up on the social media platforms that are relevant to your industry and build a strong social media strategy around show casing who you are, what your service is and what you can bring to your client base that other businesses cannot.
  3. The most important person to consider when you’re online is your user. Think about why they are there, what they are looking for, wherethey can find it and how do they buy? The why’s, what’s, where’s and how’s are priceless components when it comes to understanding your customers and their needs. Know your market, know your product and what’s around you, know what you have to offer.

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