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27th July 10:19


3 Vital Steps that will get your Business Noticed During the Pandemic

Because of sudden lockdowns, restrictions and guidelines that affect all our businesses in one form or another, more and more people are starting that search for quality products/services primarily online. And for better or for worse, these same people will judge you based on the quality and depth of your online presence.  It is absolutely becoming a “search research and select” world we live in. That’s why we’re sharing three key steps that will get you noticed...

24th June 15:46

When it comes to Google Ads, if you’re not winning, you’re losing. Fact!

Did you know...90% of customers begin their buyers’ journey by searching on Google? The need for a gameplan is very clear, especially if, as the title suggests, you are interested in winning with Google Ads. It will come as no surprise that the first thing you’ll need to look at is one of the first things your customers might be thinking about looking at – your website.

18th June 10:19

The Journey to REAL Success: How it begins

Having spent time after school, working at Hungry Jacks, KFC and McDonalds from the age of 14, it was clear that the world of work beckoned more strongly than the call of ATAR and subsequent university life. With ambitions of gaining a trade and running a business, it was soon time to commit to making it happen.

16th April 9:36

Numbers don’t lie, people lie… to themselves!

Knowing the numbers that count is key to surviving the commercial jungle. Change absolutely is going to happen but understanding how your business may need to adapt in step or ahead of market forces, will determine how your business thrives in this environment. Sure, trying to avoid the horrible truth is definitely a reason for staying in the dark. But there are a couple of other reasons to dig into before we get to the benefits of knowing your numbers...

19th March 14:42

I’M TOO OLD FOR THIS SH*T – Quit Office Politics and be the CEO of YOU! by Victoria Wright

Are you tired? Tired of the daily rat-race of juggling a corporate job (which let's be honest you don't really enjoy) whilst running a household and trying to spend time with your family, let alone having any time to yourself? Are you fed up that the higher you try to climb the corporate ladder, the harder it gets, the more politics you encounter and the rewards seem even further away?

12th March 14:23

Why you shouldn’t put all eggs in one search engine

If you’re truly looking to broaden your sales funnel (get more users intentionally looking at your business), you need to look at the Microsoft Audience network. Learn how to reach an additional 17% of your market with Microsoft Advertising. think long and hard about broadening your reach across audiences that feature a higher percentage of higher-income earners, homeowners, tertiary education graduates, white-collar workers

How digital marketing is driving the growth of plumbing businesses

11th March 10:40

How digital marketing is driving the growth of plumbing businesses

Digital marketing – just keeping up is no longer enough! Connect with more people, win more business Take a professional approach to connecting with your customers. Marketing sounds expensive, digital marketing sounds complicated and expensive, and social media just sounds like an investment in time and effort none of us can afford – after all, we have businesses to run. Right? Not necessarily...click to read on.

5th March 13:44

Careful! Destroying your business is easier than it looks

If you fail to adapt, then this and the next generation of your customers/clients, which is only ever 5 years away, will choose to go where their preferences and needs are accommodated. Letting all this slip – along with your business is all too easy and there’s a price to pay.  BUT getting on top of things by learning these lessons around guidance and adaptability will set you up for future success.

5th March 13:32

The Google vs Government skirmish was a warning for us all

Okay, so there has been a situation brewing between Google, the government and news outlets for about a year now. Truth be known, probably longer than that though. This short clip and article help us understand that Google’s opposition to the proposed News Media Bargaining Code was based on impracticalities in its application. In short, here’s:

Exceeding expectations through SEO in the Hardware Industry

19th January 15:50

Exceeding expectations through SEO in the Hardware Industry

Lock & Roll services Sydney across the window and door industry. They've always looked for new opportunities in the marketplace, they've tried it all in terms of marketing they've gone into local papers, magazines, trade shows, franchise expos and advertorial. Their biggest challenge was not being able to tangibly see how their campaign was performing. Their previous attempts were a shot in the dark and needed a more strategic approach.

How Two Brothers Generated 310%  More Revenue in 14 months!

18th January 16:41

How Two Brothers Generated 310% More Revenue in 14 months!

Over the last 14 months, we've consistently delivered quality results. Over 310% growth in total revenue, 333% increase in booked jobs and 1069% increase in total calls November 2019 vs. November 2020. And that's just the beginning. 

Top 12 questions to ask before choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

26th November 14:07

Top 12 questions to ask before choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

The market is flooded with all sorts of digital marketers and has similar offerings. So it can be a little tricky to decide which agency you think best aligns with your business' goals and values. It would help if you asked the right questions to able to extract the correct answers. For a small business owner, the online world can be scary and volatile to venture into the digital marketing world. There's are so much commotion...

How a small business 3x revenue and became a market leader in just 12 months!

19th November 14:50

How a small business 3x revenue and became a market leader in just 12 months!

Mark’s idea was great but soon realised word of mouth could only go so far and needed a REAL and EFFECTIVE marketing strategy to get in front of the RIGHT customer that brought in high-quality leads that would convert to revenue for the business. They managed to land a huge lead which pretty much set the tone for the entire year and hasn't been able to slow down since...

The great reset of 2020: Do’s & don’ts of the current landscape

9th November 15:50

The great reset of 2020: Do’s & don’ts of the current landscape

If you are assuming the world will go back to normal, you are mistaken. Change is inevitable. However, the fundamentals are still the same and will forever stay the same. When you truly comprehend what has changed, you will have a clear path on your way forward. You will be able to re-apply business rules. The only difference is that you will be held more accountable by your customers very quickly.

Mr. Splash Plumbing builds pipeline to growth using paid search

30th October 11:11

Mr. Splash Plumbing builds pipeline to growth using paid search

AiiMS and Microsoft Advertising have had an opportunity to play a part in seeing Splash plumbing experience 775% monthly revenue growth, comparing to just a couple short years ago. “All new AiiMS clients are activated on the Microsoft Advertising Network because we are an agency that values the power of search, and we have witnessed time and again the value of the Microsoft Advertising Network in action,” ads Mohammed. Retail is not the only segment seeing commercial success during these trying COVID-19 times.

ANNOUNCEMENT: AIIMS announces new partnership with Master Plumbers' Association Queensland

10th September 9:44

ANNOUNCEMENT: AIIMS announces new partnership with Master Plumbers' Association Queensland

AIIMS is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Master Plumbers Association Queensland, the peak industry body representing plumbing contractors throughout Queensland, from sole operators through to medium-sized plumbing businesses and large contracting firms. 

26th August 12:56

Marketing is an Investment not a Bill

Are your marketing campaigns just another line item on your expense sheet? I can tell you right now that's the wrong approach. Advertising or marketing for small business is an investment it's not a bill, sales and marketing is the absolute lifeblood and the driving force in any small businesses. You need to spend money to make money, don't spend money to save it, gone are the days when the Yellow Pages book comes around.

19th August 13:20

Sales & Marketing: The Perfect Relationship

When marketing makes sales, it's a perfect relationship. Now, I want to say don't be fooled by thinking that selling is not an essential element or factor within your business. If you're a trade or your service-based business, the skill of sales or the sales process is one of the most critical factors within your organisation, particularly when you're on the journey towards growth.

11th August 12:32

A Customer's 5 Deciding Factors Before Purchasing

In this article, I'd like to touch on some of the decision-making factors your customers make before purchasing. What helps form a decision for a customer to buy from you? This is relevant to trade or service-based businesses especially when you're marketing for Lead Generation.

4th August 12:09

3 Factors You NEED To Consider When Building Your Website

More often than not business websites are built with subjective branding which isn’t specifically tailored to the customer. For a service-based business, your website is a major asset and a major asset to your marketing. There are countless beautifully designed websites with high-quality imagery but built in a free template Website Builder which has strict limitations on its SEO ability.

28th July 15:02

The Importance of TRUST in Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing simply put is just communication and the building of new relationships. Like in any relationship, whether that be marriage, business partnerships and customer relations, trust is always a key component and essentially the foundation of that relationship, both upon first impression and establishment, all the way through to...

26th May 10:13

Creating Your New Website: Most Important Factors

With more and more people and your customers, flocking online to search for products, services and solutions, a business’ website plays a huge role towards your overall success, customer acquisition and growth.

21st May 12:29

The Importance of TRACKING your Digital Marketing

For a trade or service based business, the primary objective when investing into digital marketing, especially Google Ads or SEO, is LEAD GENERATION.

12th May 9:43

Tools you need when Marketing for Leads

For a trade or service based business, the primary objective when investing into digital marketing, especially Google Ads or SEO, is LEAD GENERATION. The goal is to drive qualified visitors to your website or landing page, engage and convert these visitors into an enquiry, and more specifically, a Phone Call.

5th May 9:56

Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Agency

For a small business owner, the Digital Jungle can be a scary and volatile market place to venture into. In the digital marketing world, there is so much noise! So many “gurus” and “experts” telling you what to do, how to do it and promising the world from ‘these secret steps’

28th April 9:47

Factors That Affect Your Marketing Conversion Rates

When engaging in digital marketing, particularly Google Ads or SEO, ensuring you have the right tools, systems and process in place is vital to the success of your marketing campaign. Advertising is a key driver but cannot be relied purely on for the growth of your business.

20th April 16:00

Heading into the Digital Jungle

The digital marketing world or the “Digital Jungle” is a relentless and sometimes scary marketplace for a small business. With the rise of digital, marketing is becoming more and more difficult and a lot more competitive.

15th April 11:40

Fight for every lead, Win every job!

The market has definitely changed and most businesses have been impacted. For trades & services, although being affected during this crisis, we’re finding that search volume and lead volume is remaining quite steady, particularly via the channel of Google.

Small Business Advice Hotline

9th April 16:00

Small Business Advice Hotline

Over the last 10 years we’ve built a wealth of knowledge and experience and worked with thousands of small business. Both our clients and ourselves have had a truck load of success, but our fair share of failures as well.

7th April 9:52

Sales: Winning Jobs during a Crisis

With the current pandemic and crisis we’re all dealing with, it’s having a huge impact to small business and the way we operate. Right now, every small business is in survival mode and making changes to the way they conduct business. Implementing new tactics and strategies in their marketing, sales process, service delivery etc.

3rd April 7:21

COVID-19 Crisis and your Digital Marketing

Right now, your marketing dollar and how far it stretches is vital to your survival rate. Having an ineffective digital marketing or lead generation campaign live and spending could be detrimental to your business.

1st April 11:11

COVID-19 CRISIS How the Australian Government Stimulus Can Help You

Right now there’s a lot going on in the world, the market and in the economy.

Partnership Announcement - AiiMS & PROTRADE United

31st March 12:37

Partnership Announcement - AiiMS & PROTRADE United

It comes with great delight to announce that AiiMS has officially partnered with

26th March 7:49

Conducting Business During COVID19 CRISIS @ Survival Talk - Matt Walker

5 ways to help you not only survive but also thrive!

20th December 1:38

A Year in Review - 2019 at AiiMS

2019 has been a MASSIVE year! We’ve significantly grown in all areas and we’ve achieved some amazing milestones…

Award Winners - Agency Growth Hacker of the Year

5th December 9:48

Award Winners - Agency Growth Hacker of the Year

We’re very proud to announce that AiiMS has won the Growth Hacker of the Year Award

3rd November 12:35

AiiMS Indonesia Global Expansion - AiiMS Launches Office in Jakarta

AiiMS are very proud to announce the launch of AiiMS Indonesia!

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